1. Upupa Epops may be the Metamodern Artworker. 

2. He is perhaps an artist who's work may oscillate between Modernism and Postmodernism by exploiting the tenets of each theoretical position therefore making his      praxis Metamodern.

3. Epops may make work at the intersection of art, history, philosophy, science, sincerity, sentimentality and naïveté.

4. He may work in combinations of production such as drawing, painting, sound, installation, performance, digital technology, fiber arts and site specificity.

5. He may use these disciplines to manipulate specific material like paper, tape, jute, sisal, paint and wood to explore how it may be touched, tasted, smelled, heard, worn and seen.

6. By crunching, wrapping, stacking, dangling, splashing, pushing, slashing, grinding, scratching, clawing, burnishing, scribbling, prancing, shuffling, lumbering, climbing, throwing, exposing, infiltrating, igniting and embellishing, Epops may create works of liminality, repetition, accumulation, impermanence, stagnation and futility.

7. His work may have been shown in traditional white cubes or alternative venues.

8. He may have matriculated at Maryland Institute College of Art earning an MFA in Studio Art.

Epops at work