Upupa Epops (UE). The Metamodern Artworker (MA). Are they one and the same? Could it be that UE is the artworker who's oeuvre oscillates between Modernism and Postmodernism? Does UE exploit the tenets of each theoretical position? If true, does it make UE's praxis Metamodern? UE has been known to work in this way. That may make the work exist at the intersection of art, history, philosophy, science, sincerity, sentimentality and naïveté. UE claims that is the case. If so, then UE may be the MA. The fact that UE works in combinations of production such as drawing, painting, sound, installation, performance, digital technology, fiber arts and site specificity lends credence to the assertion that EU is, indeed, the MA. Does UE use these disciplines to manipulate specific materials like paper, tape, jute, sisal, paint and wood to exploit how they may be touched, tasted, smelled, heard, worn and seen? It appears so. By crunching, wrapping, stacking, dangling, splashing, pushing, slashing, grinding, scratching, clawing, burnishing, scribbling, prancing, shuffling, lumbering, climbing, throwing, exposing, infiltrating, igniting and embellishing EU creates work of liminality, repetition, accumulation, impermanence, stagnation and futility. Records indicate that UE has shown art work at or near traditional white cube galleries and alternative venues like pop-ups across state lines for at least four decades. In addition, records indicate that UE matriculated at Maryland Institute College of Art earning an MFA in Studio Art. Is UE the MA? The facts clearly lend weight to this claim. Is UE the MA?      Yes.      UE is the MA.     Yes.